Treatments for diseases caused by modern lifestyle such as gouty arthritis, hypertension, NASH and chronic kidney disease.

The BEO products will be positioned for chronic administration as a supplement to diet, and a complement to drugs.

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Disease and unbalanced urate metabolism

Across EU, US and Japan 10-20% of the populations, in total 57mio patients, are hyperuricemic. The condition is the underlying metabolic disorder that causes gouty arthritis (gout). Hyperuricemia is also a causal risk factor for serious metabolic diseases such as hypertension, chronic kidney disease, NAFLD and diabetes.

In todays practice, only strict diet (no alcohol, no red meat, no seafood) is available as treatment for the hyperuricemic population. However, there is limited evidence that lifestyle change is an effective intervention.

Prescription medicine is restricted to patients with expressed gout. After 1-year just 30-50% of patients are effectively treated. Therefore, patients need a treatment that compliments diet and drugs, and a treatment that effectively lowers serum urate levels.

Accelerated clinical proof-of-concept

Beo Therapeutics intend to advance products into non-IND human clinical studies under food-supplement regulations to obtain early clinical proof-of-concept. The outcome of non-IND studies determine the further development path of the products as food-supplement, medical food or (non-) prescription drug.

Clinical trial subjects will be selected to optimise efficacy readout from non-IND studies. Clinical trial endpoints are medically relevant validated biomarkers.